2023 IPI World Congress and Media Innovation Festival to Hold in Vienna

Executive Director of IPI

The 2023 International Press Institute (IPI) World Congress and Media Innovation Festival will bring together journalists, editors, and publishers from around the world in Vienna from May 25 to 26, 2023, to explore the rapidly evolving global and technological landscape for independent journalism.

This year’s theme “New frontiers: Press freedom and media innovation in the age of AI”, will focus on securing the future of news media, building on the solid footing of the past.

The event will take a deep dive into emerging challenges for press freedom and independent journalism, including a special lens on the impact of AI and other new technologies, all in a global context of rising authoritarianism and pervasive disinformation.

The event will create an opportunity to share experiences, ideas, on issues that include digital censorship, surveillance, media capture, and staying safe on the frontlines covering war and protests as well as discuss solutions – an exchange that is at the core of what the IPI global network is about.

The inaugural Media Innovation Festival which is made possible in part by support from the European Union is the new flagship of IPI’s innovation programme which is likened to “delta” – a symbol of the radical changes in journalism. The Festival will explore how journalists are using new approaches and tools, including the power of AI, to support innovation in journalism.

This will become an annual event bringing together media innovators, founders, editors, and big thinkers, reflecting IPI’s conviction that the best way to get ahead of the rate of change in media transition is by collaborating to drive and share new ideas and experiences.

The event will be wrapped up by an award ceremony on the evening of Friday, May 26 to honour the 2023 IPI-IMS World Press Freedom Hero and Free Media Pioneer at Vienna’s stunning city hall. The award ceremony will kick off a night of celebrating journalism at the Vienna press freedom ball, which the Congress participants will have the rare opportunity to attend.

The award ceremony will be hosted by the oldest press club in the world, PresseClub Concordia, the press freedom ball is one of the highlights of Vienna’s ball season.

Interested participants should please register for the event at https://www.eventbrite.at/e/2023-ipi-world-congress-media-innovation-festival-tickets-522477673787.