AccessNow to Host RightsCon in Tunisia

Brett Solomon Executive Director, Access Now
Brett Solomon
Executive Director, Access Now

AccessNow will host the 2019 edition of the international conference on human rights in the digital age, RightsCon 2019,  on June 11 to 14, 2019 at the Laico Hotel and the Palais des Congrès in Tunis, Tunisia, making it the first time it will be held in Africa or the Middle East.

The conference aims at building on the historic success of RightsCon Toronto by continuing to provide a space for a community of civil society organizations, technologists, businesses, startups, public servants, and lawyers to connect, collaborate, build strategies, draft declarations, and move forward real-world change.

Whether in provocative plenaries, intimate roundtables, informal meetings, or the lively Community Village, RightsCon Tunis will help shape the future of human rights in the digital age.

RightsCon Tunis will be the summit’s eighth iteration, the first hosted in Africa and the Middle East. As an emerging tech center and growing democracy, Tunisia has been a beacon of hope for others across the region and the world – yet there is still so much work to do.

The programme will tackle current pressing issues and those on the horizon including: election integrity and the erosion of democratic values; Artificial intelligence and algorithmic accountability; our identities online, biometrics, and facial recognition technology; the convergence of emerging technologies; data trust, protection, and user control – locally, regionally, and globally; misinformation and the future of journalism; preventing net discrimination and promoting Net Neutrality and privacy, surveillance, and societal control; digital inclusion and accessibility.

Other issues that will be addressed are technology as a tool for the Sustainable Development Goals, strengthening digital security and encryption, cybersecurity policy, conflict and humanitarian response in the digital age and much more.