Activist Arrested Over Tweet Accusing the Police of Cover-up

Mr. Martin Obono
Mr. Martin Obono

Mr. Martin Obono, a lawyer and an activist was on June 5, 2020, arrested over a tweet he posted on June 3 accusing the police of trying to undermine a rape case his client reported. He was taken to the Wuse Zone 3 police station and his phones were confiscated.

Martin, who uses the Twitter handle @martobono tweeted: “Five days ago, my clients reported a rape case. The suspect used Police to turned the case on its head and got the Ladies detained the girls in the same cell with men. I was livid. It didn’t end there, they asked them to bring a level 14 civil servant, C of O to surety their bail.”

Martin, who was released later in the day said he was asked to sign a bail bond saying he incited the public against the Nigerian Police based on his quest to reform the justice system because of his clients who were raped and sexually assaulted.