AFIC Elects New Governing Council


In a two-day General Assembly held in Kampala, Uganda, on March 3 and 4, 2016, the Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC) brought together 39 representatives from all over Africa to learn from each other and brainstorm about actions that civil society may take to promote the right to information on the continent.

According to a statement issued on the AFIC’s General Assembly, “The aim of the assembly was to receive and discuss the report of the Governing Council, review implementation of AFIC programmes, and discuss capacity and technical needs of AFIC members.” Thus, discussions were organized around learning and information sharing. Action workshops on strategic litigation, advocacy and open contracting were also included.

The General Assembly also saw the election of a new Governing Council. According to the Statement, “Those elected to the Governing Council are:  Mr. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai (Executive Director of Society for Democratic Initiatives in Sierra Leone) as Chair; Ms Ann Nderi (of the International Commission of Jurists in Kenya) as Vice Chair; Ms Zoe Titus (Regional Director of the Media Institute of Southern Africa in Namibia) as Treasurer; Mr. Levi Kabwato (of the Open Democracy Advice Centre in South Africa) as Secretary; Mr. Edetaen Ojo (Executive Director of Media Rights Agenda in Nigeria) as Member;  Henri Christin Longendja, Executive Secretary of Collectif 24 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo) as Member; and Mr. Henry Maina (Regional Director, Article 19, Eastern Africa in Kenya).”

The project, “Enhancing good governance through citizens’ access to information in Kenya, Malawi and Uganda” also featured in the meeting as participating organizations held a consultation meeting around the project.