Africa Diseases Prevention Initiative Launches Disease Reporting Fellowship

Dr. Joseph Enegela, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The Africa Diseases Prevention and Research Development Initiative (ADRAP), a health-focused non-governmental organisation incorporated in Nigeria, has announced the launch of its Diseases Reporting Fellowship for African Journalists.

The fellowship is a comprehensive six-week programme aimed at equipping journalists with the necessary skills and knowledge to report on diseases prevalent in the region, with a particular focus on eliminating biases and bridging the knowledge gap in health reporting.

The ADRAP Disease Reporting Fellowship which has been scheduled to take place from February 5 to March 15 each year, will be a blend of virtual and physical elements. Ten journalists from Africa will be selected annually to participate in the programme, engaging in five weeks of live online classes at their own pace and five days of in-person sessions, including field trips to labs, hospitals, partner offices, and other relevant areas.

The fellowship includes editorial and business development tasks, with required skills such as scientific literacy, research skills, cultural sensitivity, interviewing skills, data journalism, and ethical reporting being essential. Proficiency in web skills, understanding the newsletter economy, critical thinking abilities, and a sense of humor are also considered added advantages.

Participants are expected to develop and submit a minimum of four stories based on their interactions and activities during the programme, intended for publication or broadcast while outstanding stories in categories such as Print/online, Digital/social media, and Broadcast will be recognized.

The application is open to journalists from Africa reporting on health and related topics. Eligibility is primarily based on the strength and creativity of the applicant’s fellowship proposal or statement of intent, along with other relevant considerations.

To facilitate their participation, each Fellow will receive a modest stipend to cover travel expenses and accommodation. Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a certificate, acknowledging their achievement and commitment to advancing health reporting in Africa.

Fellows will become members of a robust network of journalists reporting on diseases across Africa, gaining access to a wide array of resources and opportunities to further enhance their reporting skills.

For more information about the ADRAP Disease Reporting Fellowship and to apply, please visit ADRAP Fellowship Registration at

The deadline for submission of applications is December 31, 2023.