African Media Initiatives Changes Leadership

Eric Chinje, Managing Director, African Media Initiative
Eric Chinje, Managing Director, African Media Initiative

The African Media Initiatives (AMI) on December 22, 2017 announced a change of leadership as it reconstituted its board and a new management team.

Announcing the change in Nairobi, Kenya, Chair of the Board of Directors, Mr. Wale Aboderin, in a letter to both the outgoing and new members of the Board emphasized the importance of taking sure measures which will enable AMI to continue in its mission to support the emergence of a pro-development media in Africa. He further stated that the new board will work more closely with management to make resources available which would be needed to scale up current programs in line with the objectives of the organization.

The reconstituted Board comprises of Mr. Wale Aboderin as Chair, Ms. Eugenie Aw-Ndiaye representing West Africa, Mr. Omar Ben Yedder representing African Diaspora (Media), Mr. Eric Chinje representing Central Africa, Ms. Rebecca Enonchong representing African Diaspora (Technology), Ms. Julie Gichuru representing East Africa, Ms. Ipeleng Selele representing Southern Africa, Pr. Laeed Zaghlami representing North Africa, and Dr. Roukaya Kasenally as (Ex Officio Member).

The statement also announced the appointment of Dr. Roukaya Kasenally to replace outgoing Chief Executive Officer, Eric Chinje, who has come to the end of his term. Dr. Kasenally will head a leadership team that would include two Senior Advisors: Mr. Wangethi Mwangi and Mr. Chinje (who, at the urging of the Board Chair, agreed to stay on and support the new CEO).

Mr. Chinje, in an address to staff before leaving Nairobi, recognized the dedication of a team that had worked to keep the vision of AMI alive under very difficult circumstances, stating that they made enormous sacrifices to keep an African dream alive. He further told the staff that they were participating in a faith project that will someday make Africa as a whole proud.

Dr. Kasenally, who currently lectures at the University of Mauritius along with her role as Senior Advisor for Media Development, had been with AMI since its incorporation in 2010 and her tenure as CEO takes effect from January 1, 2018.