AMI Postpones African Media Leaders Forum


The African Media Initiative (AMI) has announced its postponement of the 7th African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF), previously scheduled to take place on November 12 to 14, 2014 in Johannesburg , South Africa. The meeting which was due to take place in South Africa from November 12 to 14, 2014 was rescheduled due to the Ebola epidemic and current travel restrictions on the continent.

According to a statement released by the organizers, the AMLF which is a Pan-African event has approximately half of its delegates coming from West Africa and they will not be able to attend the forum due to the current travel advisory, and the bleak outlook provided by international medical agencies, including Medécins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). “The AMLF is about networking, discussing ideas and finding new and joint solutions to problems that plague the African media sector. We cannot take the risk of half of our core constituents being left out of the conversation”, said Event Director Maimouna Jallow.

AMI reiterated that it stands in solidarity with those affected by the Ebola epidemic, and will continue to use its extensive media networks to support governments and people to fight this crisis. It encouraged its members to join the open call to action against Ebola launched on September 2, 2014.