Applications Open for Online Course on Advocating and Campaigning Against Internet Shutdown

Brett Solomon
Executive Director and co-founder of Access Now

The Advocacy Assembly Shutdown Academy, an e-learning platform that shares knowledge and skills to help people to identify, measure, circumvent and advocate against Internet shutdowns, in partnership with Access Now, a non-profit organization focused on digital civil rights, are inviting civil society organizations and grassroots activists to apply for Shutdown Academy, an online course on advocating and campaigning against Internet shutdowns, and which provides practical advice, tactics, and strategies that individuals or organizations with limited resources can use.

The course, which focuses on internet shutdowns and how to mobilize and fight against them, has five modules: Introduction; Why fight against internet shutdowns? Fighting internet shutdowns around the world; Case studies; and Conclusion.

The course will look at advocacy and campaigning strategies and tactics for advocating against “kill switches” and also look at some key regions around the world: Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

It is intended to provide individuals and groups with practical tips for public advocacy campaigns against internet shutdowns. Each chapter of the course looks at how states, rulers, militaries, and other actors around the world enable and enforce internet shutdowns, and highlight lessons from those who are fighting back.

To participate, one does not require any specialised knowledge. As it focuses on internet shutdowns and outlines ways to work around shutdowns, some knowledge of social media, mobile networks, and internet platforms is useful, while basic IT knowledge is beneficial but not essential.

To get full details about the course and to apply and participate, please go to