Asian Art Association Invites Entries from Asian Press Photo 2022 Competition

Edmund Roy
Senior Art Director of AAA

The Asian Art Association (AAA) is inviting entries from all members of society, regardless of the identity and nationality for the Asian Press Photo (APP) 2022 competition. The competition is divided into four categories as follows: breaking news, contemporary issues, portraits and long-term projects.

Institutions may enter into the competition, but the identity document of each photographer is needed. It is necessary to submit the background information of the photographer, the general description of images and other image-related information, including the creation date, location, general title, single title and description).

An entrant may use his/her full name and own the copyright of the photographs; one single image, image story or image series, shall be submitted per category. Both the published and unpublished photographs are accepted for the competition.

The organizer will use the winning images for the album and exhibition. Therefore, the image must meet the following requirements:

  1. Uploaded images should be in their original pixel size. Applicant should not change the pixels or proportions.
  2. The images should be stored in the highest quality JPG or JPEG format for high-quality album production, etc.
  3. ICC information embedded in the picture should be provided. Adobe RGB or SRGB format is highly recommended for color images and Gray Gamma 2.2 format is recommended for black and white images. CMYK color format is not accepted.

Submitted pictures should not bear any marks, such as the name of the author, the name of the agency or publisher, or any other information. Photographs taken at a restricted event (i.e. a shot at a specially organized event, such as one that is accessible only to government, political party or company) are not eligible for the competition. And all pictures must be with an exact description in English. Only images of single exposure and single frame accepted.

Multiple exposures, jigsaw pieces (two or three pieces into one, etc.) as well as spliced panorama (automatically generated by the camera or made by post-production software) will not be accepted.

Entry for the competition is free of charge and once submitted, the entries will not be returned. Asian Press Photo Competition committee reserves the right to process the entries.

Registration for the competition ends January 31, 2022; election Term is February 10-28, 2022 while winners will be announced on March 20, 2022.

Annual photo prize is 5,000 Singapore Dollars (SGD) for one winner; annual long-term projects prize is 2,000 SGD for one winner; 1,000 SGD for first runner-up in each category; 500 SGD for second runner-up in each category; and 200SGD for third runner-up in each category.

Entries must be submitted through the official website of APP as no other means will be accepted.

For full details of the competition including registration, criteria, rules, ethics etc. and to enter the competition, please visit