Call for Proposals to Host 8th Global Conference on Transparency Research

Suzanne Piotrowski
Rutgers University

The Standing Executive Committee of the Global Conference on Transparency Research (GCTR) has announced a call for proposals from institutions to host the 8th Global Conference on Transparency Research.

The GCTR Standing Committee comprises A.J. (Albert) Meijer (Utrecht University), Suzanne Piotrowski (Rutgers University), Alasdair Roberts (University of Massachusetts Amherst), and Jean-Patrick Villeneuve (University of Lugano).

The 8th GCTR is expected to take place at some point in 2024 with the host institution having the responsibility for all logistical tasks and financial commitments associated with the conference. The Standing Executive Committee selects the site for the next conference and facilitates knowledge exchange between conference organizers. The Committee also plays an active advisory role in the organization of the conference and in the conference programme.

Indication of intent is due on July 29, 2022 while the proposals is due by September 9, 2022.

Interested institutions who have questions should send them to Dr. Suzanne Piotrowski, chair of the committee through the email address

The GCTR is the preeminent conference on transparency research that brings together leading scholars from throughout the world to collectively advance our understanding of the impact and implications of transparency policies that involve governments, either directly or indirectly. The GCTR involves scholars from a wide range of fields including sociology, anthropology, political science, public administration, economics, political economy, journalism, communication sciences, business, history, philosophy, and law who study issues of governmental transparency. Hosting the GCTR establishes the host organization as a leader in the field of transparency research.

The following are the issues to be addressed in a conference proposal: contact details of responsible local organisers; why the institution wants to organise 8th GCTR conference; give summary of the advantages of staging the 8th GCTR conference in the institution, including a discussion of prior institutional experience hosting such events; and conference details.

Other issues that need to be addressed are: conference venue, transport, budget, and any other information the proposer wan the Committee to take into consideration.

Venue selection for the 8th Global Conference on Transparency Research is guided by the purposes of the conference: to promote exemplary transparency research in a wide-range of disciplines and facilitate discussions and dialogue around this research.  Specific elements to be reviewed include:

  • prominence of host institution and key organisers in the transparency research community;
  • the tentative program agenda including distinctive features such thematic elements, hospitality, keynotes or other special features;
  • proposed conference dates;
  • prior institutional experience in hosting conferences and demonstrated capacity to host such an event;
  • financial considerations: including registration fees, scholarships, institutional support, plan for attracting outside funding and conference sponsorships;
  • ability to attract and host a significant number of conference participants;
  • adequacy of conference facilities and accommodations;
  • logistics including international transportation options and costs; necessity and availability of local transportation; and safety of conference attendees; and
  • conference website and registration provisions.

The host organization develops the programme for the conference and is able highlight its own research and unique connections to transparency research.  The Standing Executive Committee is committed to highlighting the host institution when promoting the 8th GCTR.

A copy of the Call for Proposals can be accessed at the GCTR RFP for Site Proposal Page.