Campaign Calls for Independent Oversight Body for Security Agencies


The Stop Impunity in Nigeria (S.I.N) campaign has called for the creation of an independent oversight body for Intelligence agencies as a way to curb the excesses of security officers in perpetuating Impunity. This  was  contained  in  a  Communiqué  issued  at  the  end  of  a  2-Day Capacity  Building Workshop for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) held at Hotel Benizia in Asaba, Delta State from July 8 to 9, 2013.

The workshop was organized by the S.I.N campaign led by a coalition of Civil Society Organizations in partnership with the National Orientation Agency, Christian Association of Nigeria and Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.

The communiqué said: “That all security and regulatory agencies need to be alive to their responsibilities in ensuring that all acts of impunity in governance and all other sectors are dealt with according to existing laws and international conventions”.

It explained that “there is need for the establishment of external oversight agencies for the military and other intelligence agencies as well as the promotion of synergy and collaboration among all security agencies to reduce acts of impunity by the Agencies”.

In the Communiqué, participants observed that impunity, more than corruption, is the major impediment to development, fiscal and democratic accountability in Nigeria. They noted that impunity,  which  is  the  “brazen  and  willful  violation  of  rules,  principles,  laws,  ethical regulations,   human  rights,  with  the  confidence  that  there  would  be  no  consequence thereafter”, is common place in Nigeria.

It was further observed that there is an unacceptably high level of impunity in the country cutting across all tiers and arms of government, the private sector and civil society.

Participants also recommended that; the structure of the Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies needs to be reviewed in ensuring they are more accountable; All individuals, Organizations and Agencies of government that have been found culpable of impunity be brought to book according to the laws of the land; and that, all Nigerians irrespective of socio-cultural, ethnic or religious backgrounds need to strategically collaborate to fight impunity.

All the participants  present  resolved  to join hands to foster collaboration  and synergy to ensure  that all acts of impunity  in Nigeria  are  reduced  and subsequently  eradicated;  and called on the Government and all citizens to take steps to Stop Impunity in Nigeria.

The workshop had in attendance 42 participants, drawn from 30 Civil Society, Community- Based   and   Faith-Based   Organisations   with  a  vast   network   across   the  country.   The communiqué was signed by Ngozi Iwere (Community Life Project [CLP], on behalf of the organisers of the S.I.N Campaign), Adeola Kolawole (Project Alert on Violence Against Women), Ukwuaba Ibuchukwu (National Association of Catholic Corps Members), Oladejo Abdulazeez   (Muslim  Students  Society  of  Nigeria),   Chuks  Erhire  (African  Centre  for Leadership,  Strategy and Development),  David  Anyaele  (Centre  for Citizens  with Disabilities)  and  Sunday  Solanke  (Community  Policing  Partnership  Association,  Lagos Community) on behalf of participants.