CIMA Releases New Report on Coordination and Collaboration in Media Development


The Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) in Washington D.C has announced the release of its latest report, Working in Concert: Coordination and Collaboration in International Media Development, written by Walter Dean; a veteran broadcast journalist, news director and an international journalism trainer.

Ms Marguerite Sullivan, CIMA’S Senior Director

Announcing the release of the report, Ms Marguerite Sullivan, CIMA’S Senior Director at the National Endowment for Democracy, noted that: “Over the last two decades, as the international media development field has grown, one goal has remained elusive: a culture of coordination and collaboration among those in the media development community.”

Ms Sullivan said: “Coordination and cooperation continues at the international level to be a search for common ground between those who view the media primarily as a tool to project national or organizational interests and those who believe embedding a journalistic process – verification, independence, comprehensiveness, and monitoring power – should be the foremost goal of media development.”

She explained that the report examines “how fundamental changes in the development marketplace and a revolution in communication caused by digital technologies have created a moment – whether of opportunity or necessity – to address this issue.”

The 30-page report traces efforts to improve cooperation among donors and implementers in media development and examines the obstacles to such collaboration.

“Working in Concert: Coordination and Collaboration in International Media Development” is available for download at: