Dauphine Foundation Launches Environmental Journalism Scholarship for Freelancers

Vincent Montagne, President, Dauphine Foundation

The Dauphine Foundation, in collaboration with the Madeleine Foundation and the Association of Journalists-Writers for Nature and Ecology (JNE), has announced an initiative to support freelance journalists who are facing economic constraints while working to inform the public about the ecological emergency.

The initiative offers young freelance journalists the opportunity to compete for a scholarship aimed at supporting their careers. The competition calls for the submission of reports related to ecological themes such as nature conservation, agriculture, water management, and climate change, intended for publication in recognized French-speaking media outlets.

Two scholarships of 2,500 euros each will be awarded, and recipients are required to share the published article or report produced with the scholarship fund. The Journalists-Writers for Nature and Ecology (JNE) association, founded in 1969, consists of nearly 200 professionals specializing in environmental journalism across various media platforms.

The official award ceremony for the scholarships will take place at Paris Dauphine University (PSL) on October 3, 2024.

Overall, the competition provides a valuable opportunity for aspiring journalists to receive financial support for their work in environmental journalism.

Applications must be sent by email no later than September 8, 2024.

For more information and to apply, please visit https://dauphine.psl.eu/dauphine/media-et-communication/article/une-bourse-du-journalisme-environnemental-dauphine-sassocie-aux-jne.