Deutsche Welle, OONI Launch New App for Tracking Media Censorship

News Media Scan by DW

Deutsche Welle and the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) have launched a Tracking Media Censorship app, “News Media Scan by DW”, which will enable members of the public to collect and document evidence of news media censorship to support a free and open internet around the world.

Internet censorship, which limits access to news and information, is a major problem in many regions of the world. The app is an excellent solution for users who want to know which news sites are accessible in their country as it provides a comprehensive list of news sites that are available for users to view, regardless of their location.

The app accesses the websites of news and information providers and sends data about their technical accessibility to OONI. The collected data is then analyzed to determine which specific sites are available or blocked, and the users are provided with the results of the analysis. The test lists are created solely based on user input, ensuring transparency about the reachability of news and information sites in the country.

Guido Baumhauer, Managing Director of Distribution, Marketing, and Technology at DW said: “We, being an international media company, have collaborated with OONI on different projects related to censorship detection. Developing an application that can offer transparency on the accessibility and availability of information and news globally was the next obvious step in our partnership.”

Arturo Filastò, Project Lead at OONI said “Access to news media sites is restricted in many countries and it has a huge impact on the right of people to access information and stay informed. In partnership with DW, we are excited to launch the News Media Scan app, which empowers the public to document and collect evidence of news media censorship to support a free and open internet around the world.”

DW is dedicated to providing people around the world with access to free information and to help them work against censorship. As OONI’s first international media partner, DW is supporting the project with its comprehensive expertise and is consulting on the topics of censorship circumvention, freedom of expression, and freedom of information.

The app is currently available free of charge in English for Android devices in Google Play Store.