DW Akademie Launches Digital Innovation Library


DW Akademie has launched the Digital Innovation Library for Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America Journalists as a platform for showcasing projects using digital technologies to advance freedom of expression and access to information.

The organization described the Digital Innovation Library as a separate website linked to its #mediadev special topics page. It is a platform showcasing the projects identified in the research study. It is an interactive experience where users can learn about the different aspects of digital innovation within the realms of media development and can explore different methodologies and technologies currently being utilized by projects in the global south. Users can also find out more about each project and hear from the project founders.

Digital innovation Library is constantly and rapidly evolving and the project aims to examine if and how new technologies are helping media organizations Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America to advance freedom of expression and access to information.

According the organization “With innovation we do not necessarily mean game-changing inventions like Web 2.0 or the smart phone.” “Distributing digitally gathered data on paper is a valuable enough innovation if it strengthens the human rights of freedom of expression and access to information of certain groups within society substantially.”

“In this case, analogue innovation makes it possible for digital technologies to nurture not only the human rights of the part of the population that is media-savvy and online, but also for disadvantaged groups like the rural population. Therefore we understand innovation as adding valuable elements that are new to a respective media environment,” – The organization has said

DW Akademie is Germany’s leading organization for international media development. It supports the development of free and transparent media systems, quality journalism and expertise. DW Akademie helps countries rebuild their media sector following crises and conflicts, and contributes internationally to the training of media professionals.

The Library is available at http://akademie.dw.com/innovationlibrary