DW Akademie Masters Programme, Scholarships Open for Journalists


DW Akademie, a German organisation for international media development, is offering Masters and scholarship programmes targeting students from around the world seeking to work in positions of responsibility in journalism or the communications sector.

The Masters programme is bilingual – English and German. However, English is the prevalent course language.

Interested candidates must have completed an academic programme (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent) and have acquired at least one year professional experience in a media-related field after their first degree.

The programme especially targets: media representatives from radio, TV, online and print; journalists-in-training, especially from electronic media; journalists and management from community radio stations; communication experts; NGO employees; employees from ministries; employees from cooperative development groups and projects; representatives from regional working groups and national broadcasters; and media association representatives.

Students will be actively supported during the entire programme. The average course size is between 25 and 30 participants which creates the ideal conditions for learning. The manageable number of students and the personal atmosphere contribute to an immediate and open communication between teachers and students.

The tuition fees for the postgraduate, four-semester Master’s Program will cost 6,000 EUR.
Students can either pay the total sum before admission or pay a monthly rate of 250 EUR.
Additionally, students have to pay a semester fee (currently of 265,40 EUR) to the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. This fee includes administrative costs, studentship fee as well as a ticket for use of public transport in the area’s traffic network. The fee is subject to change.

There are different ways of financing these studies including full scholarships to up to 10 applicants each year from developing countries worth 750 EUR per month covering costs for living and accommodation. The tuition fee and the flight will be also reimbursed. A committee will decide which applicants are to receive a scholarship after the application deadline has expired.

There are Partial scholarships for those who do not meet the requirements for the full scholarship which will cover the costs of the tuition fees of 6,000 EUR. The expenses for travelling, accommodation and living will have to be borne by the student.

Self-Paying which involves the student financing living costs of approximately 800 EUR per month and the tuition fees of 250 EUR per month over the course of all four semesters. This will come to 6,000 EUR in total.

Prospective students will have to apply through an online application system. Further information about the programme can be obtained from http://www.dw.com/en/dw-akademie/application/s-12278. The deadline for submission of applications is March 31, 2017.