Editor-In-Chief Alleges Threat to His Life

Mr. Ebule Anthony Metsese,
Editor-In-Chief of Fresh Angle International

Mr. Ebule Anthony Metsese, Editor-In-Chief of Fresh Angle International, an online newspaper, has raised alarm over recurring threats to his life as a result of controversial developments in Warri, Delta States.

He disclosed through a statement published in the medium that the most recent of these threats, was connected to the incident that happened at Okere community in Warri on March 2, 2024.

Expatiating further, he said even though he is a native of Okere community, he decided not to publish the event in Fresh Angle but noted that despite that, he has received a series of warnings directly or indirectly targeted at him warning that if he publishes any report regarding the incident, he will be severely dealt with.

He added that the threats are not unconnected with the support the newspaper gets from Chief Ayirimi Emami.

Mr. Metsese said some of the persons behind the threats have indirectly patronized the newspaper while making derogatory comments about its professional integrity. Others, he said, have never used the newspaper and instead choose to intimidate members of the editorial team in an attempt to censor the newspaper and prevent it from publishing reports.

He emphasized that the newspaper was not established to serve the interest of any individual or ethnic nationality, but was open to patronage from persons, institutions and corporate bodies across the world.