Entries Invited for Mobile Photography Award


Individuals, photographers, and artists from anywhere in the world, who shoot and edit photographs on any mobile phone or tablet, are invited to submit entries for the 2023 Mobile Photography Awards.

The Mobile Photography Awards were founded in 2011 to recognize and celebrate the talent and imagery of the mobile photo and art communities. They remain the longest-running international mobile photography awards.

The Awards come in 12 photo categories including a Photo Essay with its own prize of $500. Every image entered may be placed in up to two (2) categories. All category winners receive $250

Entry fees are $15 for one (1) image, $30 for three (3) images, $50 for six (6) images and $100 for fifteen (15) images. The MPA Photo Essay has its own entry fee of $29 with its own award of $500. All payments go through PayPal’s secure and encrypted system.

To submit entries, applicants need to first register an account and thereafter, sign in to their profile page.

Submission of entries closes on December 16, 2023.

For more information and to apply, visit https://mobilephotoawards.com/.