Entries Open for Draper Hills Summer Fellowship on Democracy and Development

Ran Abramitzky, Associated Professor of Economics, Freeman Spogli Institute
Ran Abramitzky, Associated Professor of Economics, Freeman Spogli Institute

The Draper Hills Summer Fellowship on Democracy and Development (DHSFDD) Programme is receiving entries from interested persons for its Summer Fellowship on Democracy and Development. The Fellowship is a three-week academic training programme hosted annually at Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.

The programme brings together a group of between 25 and 30 mid-career legal practitioners in law, politics, government, private enterprise, civil society, and international development from transitioning countries to participate in academic seminars that expose them to the theory and practice of democracy, development, and the rule of law.

It provides a unique forum for emerging leaders to connect, exchange experiences, and receive academic training to enrich their knowledge and advance their work.

These seminars, to be delivered by leading Stanford faculty from the Stanford Law School; the Graduate School of Business; and the Departments of Economics and Political Science allow emerging leaders to explore new institutional models and frameworks to enhance their ability to promote democratic change in their home countries.

Guest speakers from private foundations, think tanks, government, and the justice system provide practitioners viewpoint on pressing issues in the field. Fellows also visit Silicon Valley technology firms such as Benetech, Google and Twitter to explore how technology tools and social media platforms are being used to catalyze democratic practices on a global scale.

Applicants are to apply using the WizeHive application system with which the Draper Hills Summer Fellows program manages all applications. The system allows applicants to save their works at any time and return to the form at their convenience. An applicant needs not complete the application form in one sitting; it is suggested that applicants save their works often by clicking on the “Save Draft” button at the end of the page.

Once the application is submitted, an applicant can no longer return to make any changes, it is therefore advisable that applicants review all their works before clicking the “Submit” button at the end of the application form.

The system notifies applicants by email, completion of different stages of application including when application form has been received, when letters of recommendation have been submitted on behalf of an applicant, and once application file is complete with a minimum of two letters of recommendation.

To apply, please visit the application portal at https://app.wizehive.com/appform/login/sudhf2019

The program is funded by the generous support from Bill and Phyllis Draper and Ingrid von Mangoldt Hills.