Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism Accepting Entries for Grants

Roderick Schrock, Executive Director, Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism
Roderick Schrock, Executive Director, Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism

The Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism (ECFJ) is now accepting entries from artists and artist-journalist teams producing innovative and revelatory journalistic work for major media outlets for grants in support of their works.

The ECFJ is the first initiative of its kind to directly facilitate artists’ major media commissions in the realm of journalism.

ECFJ supports the execution of pieces that focus on reimagining the way stories are told, particularly around technology and society because it believes that artists are central in the invention and design of the world’s shared future, and also critical in shifting public debate.

The funds are awarded to grantees to assist with research, travel, and other expenses that many media outlets struggle to cover, allowing stories that are often out of reach in today’s climate to be produced.

The grant supports a variety of work, including: text, photography, audio and video. Artists and artist-journalist teams with longer-term, research-intensive projects are also encouraged to apply.

In an effort to be responsive to an ever-fluctuating news cycle, artists and artist-journalist teams can apply to ECFJ for support of their work on a rolling basis.

To qualify for the grant, applicants should submit entries that focus on data privacy; 2020 elections; role of technology in society; political influence campaigns; interrogating harmful technologies; countering disinformation and artificial Intelligence.

The applications are open to individual artists, collectives, artist-journalist teams, including journalists on staff at a publication. Collectives must have work samples that reflect a history of working together.

Interested applicants must have an existing commission letter from an editor; accepted on a rolling basis; work must be in English and must provide 300-word, project description and assignment letter from an editor.

Grant support ranges from $500 to $5,000 per project.

For more information and how to apply, please click: https://www.eyebeam.org/ecfj-press-release/