GEN Summit 2019 to Address the Voice, Visual Journalism and Verification Challenge

Peter Bale, President, Global Editors Network
Peter Bale, President, Global Editors Network

The Global Editors Network (GEN) will bring together opinion leaders in the media industry to discuss the ‘Voice, Visual Journalism and Verification’ challenge at its next summit, scheduled to take place in Athens, Greece, from June 13 to 15, 2019.

The Global Editors Network’s annual GEN Summit is the world’s largest gathering of over 750 editors-in-chief and media innovators from over 70 countries.

Saying it values stakeholders suggestions in shaping the upcoming Summit, the group called on them to reach out to it if they have any suggestions for speakers, sessions and new formats of interaction with the audience.

According to Bertrand Pecquerie, GEN CEO, “anticipating months in advance what the next hot topics of the news industry will be is becoming more and more difficult every year because of the speed of media innovation: how can we predict what will be relevant for an editor-in-chief in June 2019 during the winter? Nevertheless, at the Global Editors Network, we like to take risks and, so far, they have paid off: in 2017, we said that there was a platform crisis and in 2018, we focused the GEN Summit on AI, machine learning and blockchain.”

He said setting up 25 sessions and panels and selecting more than 80 speakers is always tough, seeing one cannot cover the whole spectrum of media innovation in three days. He added though Google — AMP data or the Facebook algorithm are still relevant issues, he is not forgetting that all media organisations are still looking for the graal, a sustainable business model, but they at GEN believe the world has to move forward and take risks.

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