Getty Images Receiving Entries for Inclusion Scholarships

Dawn Airey, CEO, Getty Images
Dawn Airey, CEO, Getty Images

Getty Images, a global digital media company with its headquarters in Seattle in the United States, is receiving entries from photojournalists from around the world for the new Getty Images Inclusion Scholarships programme, which aims to support emerging editorial talent within minority groups and offer aspiring photojournalists the support to pursue the education that will enable careers within the industry.

To apply, interested persons are asked to submit examples of their work, a personal essay, and additional material documenting their academic credentials.

In applying, applicants should submit the following: a resume/CV detailing his/her academic history, internships, and other relevant experience; a personal essay demonstrating applicant’s commitment to photojournalism; 15-20 original images that illustrate applicant’s work; proof of school enrollment and academic performance (additional details on application websites); and the proposals must be in English and be submitted electronically, meeting the requirements of the partnership organisation

Applicants are encouraged to review the following organisation’s application page for more detail:

Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship – Creative Access (UK)
Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship – National Association of Black Journalists (US)
Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship – Asian American Journalists Association (US)
Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship – National Association of Hispanic Journalists (US)
Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship – Women Photograph (Worldwide) *Opens April 1

Getty Images will give five scholarships of US$10,000, in partnership with a selection of the foremost minority photography and journalism associations globallyincluding Women Photograph, Creative Access, National Association of Black Journalists, Asian American Journalism Association and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, to be put toward pursuing education and in turn, helping address industry inclusion issues at the entry point.

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