Entries Open for Global Youth Video Competition Opens for Entries

Ms. Patricia Espinosa Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Patricia Espinosa Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Young people aged between 18 and 30 years from around the world are encouraged to submit short videos for the 2019 Global Youth Video Competition to stand a chance to be selected to be a youth reporter at the UN Climate Conference coming up in Chile in December 2019.

Video entries should showcase positive solutions on three themes: Nature-based Solutions for Food and Human Health; Cities and Local Action to Combat Climate Change; and Nature-Based Solutions to balance the use of land for people and ecosystems.

Winners will get round-trip travel to the UN Climate Conference COP 25; be given an assignment as a youth reporter to assist with videos, articles and social media posts from the COP; and their films shown at UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit in New York in September.

Eligible videos for this competition should be about three minutes long in English or subtitled in English and can come from any country. Entries must be submitted latest July 28, 2019. Applicants should be aged between 18 and 30 years

There are three categories: land, biodiversity, and climate; there will be a winner from each of these categories.

Entries for the land category should ideally be videos that showcase balancing use of land for people and ecosystems and actions could include:
• Restoring and protecting landscape and forests
• Protecting wildlife and habitats
• Reducing emissions by engaging in sustainable consumption
• Promoting the use of sustainable land management techniques, both traditional and innovative
• Rehabilitating land that has been degraded
• Supporting indigenous groups to protect their communal lands
• Supporting sustainable food growing systems to improve the land and its biodiversity
• Sharing successful strategies and training new generations to develop sustainable solutions
• Campaigning to produce behavioural change

Video entries for biodiversity should showcase fantastic ideas that have already been implemented into concrete actions both in cities and locally which mitigate and/or help communities adapt to climate change. Such videos should demonstrate inspirational actions taken by youth to combat climate change regardless of where they come from or whether they have access to state of the art equipment or not.

Entries for climate should be videos that showcase actions in cities and rural areas which mitigate and adapt to climate change and actions could include:
• Campaigning to produce behavioral change
• Developing more sustainable commuting
• Producing products and food locally
• Reducing the use of energy in buildings
• Local solutions for sustainable energy access and transformation
• Creating wealth from waste
• Reclaiming green spaces
• Implementing the sharing economy
• Providing services to people affected by climate change

Interested youths should apply online at http://biomovies.tve.org/competitions/global-youth-video-competition-2019/global-youth-video-competition-entry-form/

The Global Youth Video Competition is co-organized by the GEF-UNDP Small Grants Programme, and the secretariats of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification and the Convention on Biological Diversity.