GPD Announces Advisory Board for Cyber Capacity Building Programme


Global Partners Digital (GPD) has announced a 12-member Advisory Board that would oversee its Cyber Capacity Building programme. Members of the Board were selected based on expertise in the field of cyber policy, training and advocacy experience, geographic and gender balance.

The Cyber Capacity Building programme is focused on making cyber policy-making processes around the world more inclusive.

The two-year programme has two core aims:

  • Building the capacity of civil society actors in the global South to effectively engage in cyber policy debates at the national, regional, and international level.
  • To pilot frameworks for national multistakeholder involvement in policy and decision-making processes on cybersecurity.

To achieve these aims, the programme will work closely with partners in Africa, Asia, and South America on a range of activities to build capacity and advocacy skills, open new spaces for cyber policy debates, and foster stronger collaboration in developing rights-respecting cyber policies.

Board Members are expected to use their expertise and advocacy experience on cyber policy issues to help develop a curriculum for the training component of the programme and mentoring its participants.

Board Members are also expected to play an active role in all communications – online or through conference calls.

Other roles of the Advisory board include:

  • Supporting the training needs assessment in the form of surveys, interviews, and where possible focus groups;
  • Identify the principal issues relevant for civil society with regard to cyber policy, and notably the concept of cybersecurity;
  • Advise on the outline and content of the online training curriculum;
  • Contribute to and participate in the development of the training delivery strategy;
  • Function, where possible, as mentors for the participants throughout the course of the training period;
  • Contribute to information sharing around the programme.

The selected Board members are:

  • Valeria Betancourt (@valeriabet)
  • Nicolas Castellon (@MNCastellon)
  • Mawaki Chango (@prodigilexis)
  • Eileen Donahoe (@EileenDonahoe)
  • Grace Githaiga (@ggithaiga)
  • Arzak Khan (@arzakkhan)
  • Marília Maciel (@MariliaM)
  • Lilly Pijnenburg Muller (@mullerlilly)
  • Samir Saran (@samirsaran)
  • Tatiana Tropina (@gap_the_mind)
  • Olga Tsafack (@OlgaTsafack)
  • Francisco Vera (@panchovera)

You can find out more about the Cyber Capacity Building programme here, read the terms of reference for the Advisory Board here and the announcement on selected Board members here.

For more information about the programme, contact Project Manager Daniela @danischni and Programme Lead Cathleen @_cberger_.