HRJN Accepting Entries for Africa International Human Rights Film Festival

Kehinde Adegboyega, Executive Director of Human Rights Journalists Network

The Human Rights Journalists Network Nigeria (HRJN) is accepting entries for the 3rd edition of the Africa International Human Rights Film Festival (AIHRFF). The festival, titled “Resilience,” aims to spark important conversations about a wide range of human rights issues through the powerful medium of film.

The festival will celebrate the unwavering spirit of communities, journalists, and human rights defenders who continue to fight for a just world despite facing repression. It will showcase stories of communities facing different human rights violations like illegal demolitions and displacement, yet continue to fight back and demand change and explore how these communities and individuals collaborate to resist oppression and build a better future.

The 2024 AIHRFF will explore the theme of “Resilience,” which acknowledges the immense challenges faced by African communities – from political conflict and social injustice to environmental degradation and economic hardship. However, it also celebrates the enduring spirit of Africans in overcoming these obstacles and building a brighter future.

The concept of resilience is particularly relevant in today’s Africa as the continent continues to grapple with numerous issues that threaten human rights and development. Despite these challenges, Africans continue to demonstrate remarkable strength, resourcefulness, and a determination to thrive. By showcasing films that document the struggles and triumphs of African communities in the face of adversity, the organisers aim to celebrate the power of human resilience and its role in promoting human rights and social justice.

The festival will provide a platform for filmmakers, activists, and audiences to engage in dialogue about critical human rights issues in Africa and foster solidarity and collaboration among human rights defenders across the continent.

For submission guidelines, please visit the FilmFreeway Submission Page.

Deadline for submission of entries is July 31, 2024.