Association for Media Research Invites Abstracts for Paper Contributions for 2023 Conference 

Bruce Girard
Executive Director, IAMCR

The International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) is inviting abstract from scholars, media and communication researchers for papers for the 2023 edition of IAMCR Conference, scheduled to hold in Lyon, France from July 9 to 13, 2023 and an Online Conference Papers (OCP23) component from June 26 to July 5, 2023.

IAMCR conferences usually have a main conference theme which is explored from multiple perspectives throughout the conference in plenaries and other moments, including the programmes of the thematic sections and working groups. The 2023 main theme is: Inhabiting the planet: Challenges for media, communication and beyond.

Persons interested in submitting abstracts of contributions must do so to one of IAMCR’s thematic sections and working groups or to Flow34. They consult the specific CfP of the section or working group. Additional information about the various sections and working groups are available on the IAMCR website.

Abstracts should have between 300 and 500 words and must be submitted online here on or before February 9, 2023 at 23h59 UTC, the deadline for submission. Abstracts submitted by email will not be accepted.

Authors are expected to submit only one abstract. However, under no circumstances should an author submit more than two abstracts as a single author or as the lead author of a co-authored paper and no author will submit more than one abstract to a single section or working group.

The same abstract or another version with minor variations in title or content must not be submitted to more than one section or working group as any such submissions will be deemed to be in breach of the conference guidelines and will be rejected.

Technical guidelines, if any, are defined by the individual sections and working groups, or Flow34 and anyone who has questions should consult the section or working group’s specific CfP.

Each section and working group adopt its own policies regarding languages. While some accept abstracts and programme sessions in English, French and Spanish, others conduct their programmes in only one or two languages. Persons interested are advised to consult the CfP of their section or working group for details of its language policy.

There will be two ways of joining IAMCR2023: the online platform, which will be open for discussion from June 26 to July 5, 2023 and the in-person session. Those who want to join the face-to-face event are encouraged to submit their abstract to Lyon23 and OCP23. Those whose abstracts are accepted will be invited to submit their papers to the online platform and present it at the face-to-face conference.

IAMCR is a global professional association of media and communication researchers. It is supported by the voluntary contributions of many people, including more than 80 Section and Working Group chairs and deputies, 30 members of its International Council, a five-member Executive Board, many members of various committees and task forces, and more than 2,800 active members.