IFEX Releases Toolkit for International Day to End Impunity Campaign Activities


The International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX), the global network of freedom of expression organisations, has released a toolkit to enhance members’ campaign activities around this year’s “International Day to End Impunity”.

Ms Annie Game, Executive Director IFEX

November 23 is designated the International Day to End Impunity.  November 23 was chosen as it is the anniversary of one of the most egregious acts of impunity 58 people were massacred in 2009 in Ammputuan, in the Philipines, including 32 journalists and media workers. None of the perpetrators have been brought to justice.

The kit provides IFEX members with helpful information about this year’s International Day to End Impunity campaign, including promotional materials as well as some ideas about how to raise the profile of the issue.  The IFEX Secretariat, based in Toronto, Canada, is encouraging IFEX members to adapt and share any of the texts, tools or resources it has provided for the campaign.

In the toolkit, IFEX urged its member organisations to take one or more of several actions including using and adapting its campaign materials; urging their media contacts to publish stories about impunity in November; take action, and get the word out to amplify IFEX collective voice by sharing the messages and actions within their own networks; writing  opinion pieces for publication; using and adapting International Day to End Impunity key facts and messages for their published communications; using the International Day to End Impunity talking points; and using the list of talking points when giving  interviews, among other things.

IFEX is also encouraging its member organisations to download and use the International Day to End Impunity logo by sharing it on their Twitter accounts and posting it on their  blogs or websites as well as using it as cover photo on Facebook throughout the campaign from 1 to 23 November.

The Network is also urging its members to use the Culture of Impunity Infographic, showing what supports a culture of impunity and its impact on society in their blog posts and websites.

It has also produced print-ready designs for T-shirts, pencils, stickers, buttons and posters which it is asking its members to use and share as they see fit.

IFEX is also urging its member organisations to embed an IFEX video on their websites, use it at events, email it to other interested organisations, post to their Facebook pages or screen it at their own International Day to End Impunity events.

The IFEX Toolkit to mark the International Day to end Impunity elaborates on all the activities that freedom of expression groups all over the world can adapt and possibly localize to draw attention and create awareness about the day.

The campaign to mark the International Day to end Impunity includes plans to progressively release its 23 Actions in 23 Days in which digital calls to action will be revealed each day from November 1 to 23, 2013.

IFEX has also called on the world to join the campaign and act to end impunity. It plans to use the the hashtags #IDEI, #23Nov and #EndImpunity in its social media campaign and also encouraged freedom of expression groups to use them.

The toolkit can be downloaded in full at IFEX Day to End Impunity toolkit