Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship Seeks Nominations

Jodie Ginsberg, Chief Executive,Index on Censorship
Jodie Ginsberg, Chief Executive,Index on Censorship

Index on Censorship is now accepting nominations for its 2020 Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship that rewards individuals or groups that have made significant impact fighting censorship anywhere in the world.

This edition is part of activities to mark the 20th anniversary of Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards. It offers fellowships in four categories: Arts, Campaigning, Digital Activism and Journalism.

Index on Censorship says it needs individuals and organisations to identify truly worthy recipients.

The fellowship offers 12 months of mentorship, networking and strategic support to help them maximize their impact and sustainability. Fellows are given a week’s training in London focusing on communications, digital security and business planning after which Index works with each fellow for a year on a project or development area of their choice.

The award will ensure the fellowship gives a voice to the voiceless and so Index on Censorship is looking to prioritize applications from organizations or individuals who are most in need. These could include those who have little to no access to institutional funding and/or who are not yet part of the broader, global freedom of expression networks. The award is not averse to rewarding people who have already received international awards but wants to priorities people who have not yet had the opportunity to benefit from such accolades.

Interested participants can suggest organisations and individuals  they think are worthy of nomination and who would benefit from the opportunity of a year’s dedicated support and assistance before June 30, 2019.

Public nominations will open on 1 July, 2019

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