International Fact-Checking Network Calls for Entries for Annual Fellowships



Alexios Mantzarlis, Director, International Fact-Checking Network
Alexios Mantzarlis, Director, International Fact-Checking Network

The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies is now accepting applications for its annual fellowship programme. The fellowships are for fact-checkers aiming to spend time embedded at a fact-checking organization in another country to be exposed to best practices they wish to adopt.

The fellowships are entirely self-organized and applicants need to specify the organization they want to visit, pitch a detailed plan that includes the duration of their stay and what they seek to learn from the experience. They should spend at least one week with the partner organization.

Interested applicants must be from a fact-checking organization with a public working method, transparent funding sources and a commitment to nonpartisanship. Freelancers with significant experience in fact-checking and whose work has been published are encouraged to apply.

There is significant flexibility in the acceptable proposals: for instance, the funding available through the fellowship can cover several people’s flights or one month’s accommodation for one person. The key aspect is the transfer of organizational knowledge from one fact-checking group to another.

Though the preference is to award two fellowships worth $2,500 each, exceptional projects for which a higher budget is indispensable can apply for $5,000 and be considered.

Interested applications should send email in a single file to  by August 31, 2017

Interviews will be conducted to select successful applicants. A final decision will be made by Sept. 15, 2017. The exchange must take place by January 31, 2018

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