Internet Society Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Lynn St. Amour, President and CEO, Internet Society
Lynn St. Amour,
President and CEO, Internet Society

The Internet Society (ISOC) will be celebrating its 25th anniversary of advocacy for an open, trusted Internet available to everyone, everywhere with InterCommunity on September 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, USA. The event will witness the presentation of a new class of Internet Hall of Fame inductees at the 2017 Internet Hall of Fame induction ceremony which will be the cornerstone of the 25th anniversary celebrations.

The InterCommunity’s Internet Hall of Fame, in its fourth year, is to celebrate the extraordinary people who have helped make the Internet an unmatched platform for innovation and communication, an engine for economic development and social progress that goes well beyond what we could have ever imagined.

The ceremony which honours individuals who have pushed the boundaries to bring the Internet to life and made it an essential resource used by billions will welcome 14 new honorees who have made the Internet what it is today.

The programme will include ISOC nodes around the world for community dialogue on topics from the Internet Futures report to be followed by a time of celebration.

InterCommunity will pass its program to Interactive Regional Nodes around the world for a lively discussion on the critical factors that will shape the future Internet.

Members are encouraged to join the InterCommunity conversation from their nearest regional node, or from anywhere. All that is needed to participate is an Internet connection and a computer. InterCommunity has asked to hear people’s views on what tomorrow’s Internet might look like and how community can make a positive impact.

The anniversary ceremony will also hold a roundtable discussion featuring several Internet Hall of Fame inductees and next generation Internet leaders.

For more information about the ceremony and to participate, please visit: