Journalist Arrested from Home by Security Operatives, Whereabouts Remain Unknown

Mr. Precious Eze,

On December 12, 2023, Mr. Precious Eze, an online publisher and journalist, was arrested at about 1:24 am at his residence in Lagos by operatives of a Special Task Force of the Nigeria Police from its Abuja office and has been held incommunicado since his arrest with his whereabouts unknown to his family members and colleagues.

His whereabouts have remained unknown days after his arrest even as no one knows where he was taken to.

Upon his arrest, the police confiscated Precious’s laptop, phones, and other electronic devices which they took from his home. A friend at the scene offered to accompany them, but the police declined. They promised the friend that he would contact him the next morning to provide information about his whereabouts but no contact has been made and all attempts to reach the publisher have been unsuccessful.

Friends and family members have expressed concerns about his well-being in custody saying he is hypertensive and on medication, and now is being deprived of access to his drugs.