Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship Accepting Applications

Lynette Clemetson, Director, Knight-Wallace Journalism
Lynette Clemetson, Director, Knight-Wallace Journalism

The Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship in partnership with the University of Michigan is accepting applications from journalists around the world for its 2017/2018 fellowship programme.

 The Fellowship recognizes journalists for their work, leadership and potential with a unique opportunity: developing new perspectives and networks, and achieving both professional and personal growth at the University of Michigan, one of the world’s finest universities.

 The Fellowship brings exceptional journalists from the United States and from around the world together for a year of academic study. Fellows devise a personalized plan of study with access to the courses and resources at the university.

 Typically, 12 Americans are joined by six international colleagues. To qualify for entry, applicants must be granted a leave of absence for the academic year from their employers.

 Interested applicants must be full-time journalists, with a minimum five years professional experience, whose work appears regularly as an employee or freelancer. Print/digital, broadcast, photo, documentary and graphic/visualization journalists are eligible to apply. There are no academic prerequisites.

Successful fellows from U.S will receive US$70,000 and have their tuition and travel costs covered by the program. The stipend for international fellows varies.

The deadline for international applicants is December 1, 2017 while U.S. applicants have until February 1, 2018 to apply.

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