MacArthur Foundation Celebrates 35th Anniversary


The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation marked its 35th anniversary this year 2013, describing the occasion as a significant milestone  and a moment to reflect on its mission and achievements.

Mr. Robert Gallucci, President MacArthur Foundation

In a letter signed by Robert L. Gallucci, the Foundation’s President, it said “In all we do, the Foundation depends on our grantees: creative individuals and effective institutions dedicated to the public good.”

Gallucci added that over the years, the Foundation has supported more than 7,800 grantees both in Nigeria, in Chicago, its home town, across America, and around the world.

 He added that the Foundation’s partnerships with its grantees allow it to take on the many challenges and urgent issues of an ever-more­ complex and interconnected world.

 He said the Foundation was honored to be able to assist its grantees, and celebrate all they have accomplished in their dedicated and visionary work.

On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and staff, Gallucci thanked all its grantees and prayed that the Foundation and its grantees will continue to serve their communities and the greater good in the years ahead.