Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award Opens for 2023 Entries

Professor Stephen D. Solomon
Director, Arthur L. Carter Journalism

The New York University’s (NYU) Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute is now accepting applications for its Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award to provide the means for promising early-career, creative nonfiction writers to report on an untold story that uncovers truths about the human condition.

The 2022 Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award winner may be awarded up to a maximum of $12,500. The Winner will receive $6,000 prize on acceptance of the proposal and is also eligible to receive $3,000 upon evidence of substantial progress, and an additional $3,500) on completion provided the Award Selection Committee judges the Work acceptable. Expenses incurred by the Winner in reporting and writing the Work are the sole responsibility of the Winner.

The Award is expecting the Winner’s Work to meet a high degree of excellence. While the Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award competition is open to all, with the exceptions noted below, the Institute especially encourages applications from early-career, creative nonfiction writers working on projects that meet the competition’s guidelines.

The Competition is open to anyone age 21 and older, with the exceptions provided for in this section. The Institute encourages applications from early-career, nonfiction writers whose work will perpetuate the legacy of Matthew Power as detailed in the Competition guidelines.

The deadline for submission is March 3, 2023.

For detailed information about the programme and to apply, please visit: