MDIF Announce Development of Outernet Project


Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) has announced the development of its Outernet project, a global media delivery service  to provide information to the world from outer space.Outernet_logo_300

The Outernet project grasps the sprouting new-space start-up industry, leveraging multicasting technology to take Wi-Fi network to the extreme with the primary objective of bridging the global information divide.

According to Mr. Harlan Mandel, CEO MDIF, “Outernet will bypass censorship, ensure privacy and offer worldwide access to information to everyone, including those who today are beyond the geographic reach of the internet or can’t afford it”, he said this as he described MDIF’s excitement to incubate a revolutionary project.

In addition, Mr. Syed Karim, the project founder, MDIF’s Director of Innovation said “Outernet is the modern version of shortwave radio that uses leading-edge technology to address a deep social problem. As the world moves towards a global knowledge-driven economy, more than 3 billion people are excluded by cost, geography or jurisdiction.”

He further reiterated that, “Outernet will increase opportunities for everyone to access digital news and information, allowing greater access to opportunity and education than anything that currently exists.”

Mr. Harlan Mandel, CEO MDIF
Mr. Harlan Mandel, CEO MDIF

Outernet will basically ensure unrestricted, globally accessible, broadcast data. Quality content from all over the internet made available to all of humanity for free.

All components crucial to the effectiveness of the Outernet have been endorsed by different governmental, university and amateur satellite projects. The project is purposed to draw together all these technologies in order to provide standardization where none existed, and build a genuinely innovative global media delivery platform.

MDIF is a mission-driven investment fund for independent news businesses in countries with a history of media oppression. MDIF provides affordable financing and business assistance to independent news outlets in challenging environments, helping them to become financially sustainable.