MDIF Launches Nigeria Media Innovation Programme

Harlan Mandel
Chief Executive Officer, MDIF

The Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) has launched the Nigeria Media Innovation Programme (NAMIP), a three-year initiative to increase capacity, generate sustainable and diverse revenue streams and build audiences of independent media outlets in Nigeria, particularly those reaching under-served communities.

Funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, NAMIP seeks to support the editorial independence of independent media by strengthening their financial sustainability. Using training, expert consultancies and community learning, NAMIP works to help media increase revenues, test new business models and instill financial discipline.
Bilal Randeree, MDIF Programme Director for Africa said: “Many independent media in Nigeria are struggling with unsustainable business models and grant-dependency, while audiences across the country lack reliable quality news and information.

“NAMIP will provide the capacity and financial means for participating media to experiment and innovate with business models and new products, helping them to develop new revenue streams and build audiences that are vital for their future. We will also help media to build a robust community of partnership and collaboration, where they can share what they learn and help to build a stronger independent media sector.” 
The programme design incorporates learnings from MDIF’s successful South Africa Media Innovation Programme (SAMIP) and Myanmar Media Programme (MMP), as well as its work supporting the viability of independent media in Ethiopia under the PRIMED initiative.
Over a three-year period, NAMIP will support up to 25 independent media outlets, ranging from early-stage, small scale outlets to larger, more established players, serving both urban and rural audiences of mainstream and underserved populations.
Later in March, NAMIP will announce a call for applications. 

To read more about the programme, please visit the website: