Miles Morland Foundation Calls for Entries for Writers’ Scholarship


The Miles Morland Foundation (MMF) has set up an annual scholarship scheme to support writers who are in the early stages of their careers. The MMF is now calling for entries from interested applicants.

Up to three Morland Writing Scholarships, each worth £18,000, will be awarded each year to writers of fiction or non-fiction.

Mr. Miles Morland of MMF

The MMF was established by Miles Morland after a career of investing in Africa through two companies he founded: Blakeney Management and Development Partners International (DPI). In the course of this career, Miles has been surprised, entertained, impressed, and humbled by the energy, wit, entrepreneurialism and talent of the Africans he has got to know.

To apply, candidates must provide a 2,000 – 7,000 word sample of published work. This may be a complete work or an excerpt. The evaluation panel which is made up of MMF Trustees and past participants of the Caine prize may request further work or information.

Applicants must also submit a brief proposal for new work (excluding work in progress). Work samples, the proposed work and application materials must be in English.

Book projects of 80,000 words or more are preferred, as are works relating to Africa. Plays or screenplays are not eligible. The Morland Writing Scholar must produce at least 10,000 new words per month, in order for the Scholarship support to continue.

The Trustees reserve the right to vary the terms and requirements of the Scholarships at their discretion.

MMF is particular focusing on writing to help Africans who want to be heard through the written word. It has, for instance, given support to the Caine Prize for African Literature for several years.

The organizer said “It can be difficult for authors in the early stages of their career to write and to earn a living outside writing at the same time. To help fill this need the MMF has established up to three Morland Writing Scholarships every year”.

The Scholarships are open to anyone who has been born in Africa or both of whose parents were.

According to The MMF, “we also support other educational and cultural initiatives, particularly those that are run by Africans in Africa rather than whiteys in London”.

Kindly send submissions by October 31, 2013. The Scholarships will be announced in December 2013 and will run for the 2014 calendar year.

All enquiries and submissions relating to the Morland Scholarships should be directed to