MRA Becomes Member of ‘Web We Want’ Advisory Committee


Media Rights Agenda (MRA) has become a member organization of ‘Web We Want’ (WWW) Advisory Committee. MRA in this capacity, along with other committee members, will provide strategic direction, policy expertise and support to the WWW campaign. The advisory committee is also saddled with the responsibility of providing oversight over the coordinating organisations and makes recommendations as it concerns recipients of small grants.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Executive Director Web We Want Foundation

MRA’s continuous campaign and zeal to promote access to information contributed to its appointment to the advisory committee which is made up of a dozen or more organisations from around the world with background and experience campaigning for digital rights and access to information.

WWW is a campaign that seeks to promote the idea of an open, universal Web, to see people’s online rights on a free, open and truly global web protected by law in every country. The WWW believes that this vision cannot be achieved today without an open, universal Web.  WWW explained that: “the Web enables everyone on the planet to participate in a free flow of knowledge, ideas, collaboration and creativity.”

It also believes that the Web “is essential to education, development, empowerment, and the protection of individual rights” and must therefore be nurtured and protected.

The WWW is bringing together civil society organisations (CSOs) from around the world to promote this vision and in support of the following principles: affordable access to a universally available communication platform; the protection of personal user information and the right to communicate in private; freedom of expression online and offline; diverse, decentralized and open infrastructure; and neutral networks that don’t discriminate against content or users.

The WWW campaign is a global initiative co-ordinated by the World Wide Web Foundation and Free Press.

World Wide Web Foundation was established in 2009, aimed at ensuring an open Web as a global public good and a basic right, ensuring that everyone can access and use it freely.