NETmundial+10 Multistakeholder Statement Calls for Strengthening Internet Governance and Digital Policy Processes


Stakeholders from around the world have emphasized the need for improvements to Internet governance and digital policy processes in the non-binding outcome of the NETmundial+10 Multistakeholder Statement. The result of a collaborative and inclusive process, the statement aims to strengthen the multistakeholder approach to Internet governance and address the challenges posed by the rapid digital transformation and the spread of new technologies.

The statement reaffirms the principles set out in the 2014 NETmundial meeting, which include the importance of a multistakeholder approach, transparency, accountability, inclusivity, and collaboration. It also recognizes the relevance of transparency and accountability for improved Internet governance and digital policy processes.

To ensure the meaningful participation of all stakeholders, especially from the Global South, the statement calls for the full implementation of the multistakeholder process principle. This principle emphasizes the need for democratic, multistakeholder processes that involve all relevant stakeholders, including governments, the private sector, civil society, the technical community, the academic community, and users.

The statement also highlights the importance of coordination between governance spaces to avoid fragmentation and duplication of efforts. It suggests that the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) can play a crucial role in this regard by strengthening its coordination and information-sharing roles. The IGF, with its open and inclusive design, is seen as a suitable venue for follow-up discussions and the implementation of multilateral digital policy agreements.

In order to improve participation in multilateral processes, the statement calls for greater inclusivity and diversity, as well as the empowerment of all stakeholders to contribute meaningfully. It emphasizes the need for transparency, equitable participation, and the respect for international human rights principles.

To guide multistakeholder collaboration, consensus-building, and decision-making, the statement provides a set of guidelines and process steps. These guidelines include empowering stakeholders, facilitating dialogue, ensuring equitable participation, and respecting linguistic diversity.

The statement also provides input to ongoing processes, such as the Global Digital Compact and the WSIS+20 Review. It suggests that the IGF should be used as a space to facilitate the implementation, monitoring, and follow-up of the Global Digital Compact, while also emphasizing the importance of the multistakeholder approach in Internet governance and digital policy processes.

Overall, the NETmundial+10 Multistakeholder Statement calls for a strengthened multistakeholder approach to Internet governance and digital policy processes, with a focus on inclusivity, transparency, accountability, and collaboration. It aims to shape a digital future that respects human rights, fosters progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, and promotes peace, prosperity, and environmental sustainability for all.

Download the NETmundial+10 Multistakeholder Statement.