New York City to Host 2022 IPI World Congress

Barbara Trionfi
Executive Director, IPI

Columbia University in New York, in the United States, the place where the International Press Institute (IPI)  started in 1950, will host the 2022  World Congress of the organization, which will run from September 8 to 10 as a  global and hybrid event.

IPI finds our world and our communities are once again divided between democracy and authoritarianism right now and it holds that only free and independent journalism can meet the challenge of the moment.

The 2022 Congress holding with the theme: Journalism on the Frontline of Democracy will debate, present, mentor; share ideas, passions, failures, and stories in discussions, presentations, masterclasses, and workshops – one-on-one, on stage, and over lunch and dinner.

IPI believes that for journalism to thrive it needs resilience, collaboration, and the confidence to make a difference. Key themes of the 2022 IPI World Congress will therefore include:

  • Smart journalism you can trust: The best of journalism in the (dis)information age.
  • Resilience and rights: The fight for democracy and press freedom globally.
  • Sustainable media serving our communities: Engaging our audiences and harnessing the opportunities of technology.
  • Think local, act global: Featuring news leaders from around the world sharing how they are rethinking everything about what local journalism is and can be.

The programmes during the Congress include celebration of resilience in journalism with Nobel Peace Prize winners Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov; drinks and networking event at Faculty House, Columbia University; plenary sessions and a series of small group masterclasses, meet-ups, and roundtable discussions; and awards ceremony, among others.

Please click on this Link to Register for the 2022 Congress.