NEWSOCRACY Conference to Discuss Ways to Protect Public Service Media

Dr. Lutz Kinkel, ED, ECPMF
Dr. Lutz Kinkel, ED, ECPMF

The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) will on December 12, 2019 hold the ‘Newsocracy’ conference in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss ways to protect Public Service Media and to ultimately preserve press and media freedom in Europe.

The ECPMF takes cognizance of the fact that Public Service Media should broadcast for the public, be financed and controlled by the public. Additionally, they should be a trusted source of news and provide impartial information to enable citizens to make informed decisions.

It noted that while Public Service Media should be independent, the rise of populism further exposes them to political interference saying politicians try to undermine the media’s independence, manipulate and censor journalistic output. In the worst cases, it sated, Public Service Media are turned into state-controlled media, propaganda or public relations instruments.

The ‘Newsocracy’ conference is therefore being organized to protect Public Service Media against political interference.

The conference will take place at Goethe-Institute, Ráday utca 58, 1092 Budapest, Hungary and Conference language is English (Hungarian translation will be provided).

Participation at the Newsocracy Conference is free but interested persons need to register online at Persons who have questions should email

The Newsocracy Conference is supported by the European Commission, Free State of Saxony, City of Leipzig and the Goethe Institute Budapest.