Nigeria to Host 2023 Africa Internet Governance Forum, Stakeholders Invited to Submit Session Proposals


Nigeria will host the 2023 edition of the Africa Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF) in Abuja from September 19 to 21, 2023. The Forum which will hold in different formats including dialogues, workshops, and panel sessions is inviting stakeholders to submit proposals for sessions.

The Forum will bring together key stakeholders from governments, civil society, academia, and the private sector to discuss crucial matters surrounding the development, access, and governance of the internet in Africa. It serves as a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration on Internet governance among various sectors and regional initiatives.

AfIGF serves as a crucial gathering for stakeholders invested in Africa’s digital future. With a focus on advancing digital connectivity, addressing internet governance challenges, and empowering Africa through digital transformation, this forum has the potential to shape the trajectory of the continent’s digital landscape and pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous digital future.

It will address critical issues related to Internet governance. This includes discussions on regulatory frameworks, data privacy, cybersecurity, online freedom of expression, digital rights, and fostering a secure and trusted digital environment. Participants will engage in dialogues, workshops, and panel sessions to share experiences, best practices, and policy recommendations for effective Internet governance in Africa.

The event will feature high-level speakers, policymakers, industry experts, and thought leaders from across Africa and beyond. Through their expertise and insights, the forum will generate actionable recommendations that can inform policymaking, drive investments, and shape the future of Internet governance in Africa.

Interested applicants should submit their session proposal on AfIGF official website at before the deadline on July 12, 2023. They should make sure they follow the guidelines provided to ensure the successful review and consideration of their proposals.

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