Nigerian Guild of Editors to Launch Trust Fund

Mr. Eze Anaba, NGE President

The Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE) is set to launch the Nigerian Editors Trust Fund to address the professional and welfare needs of media organizations and editors in Nigeria.

The Guild announced on December 18, 2024, its plans to launch a Trust Fund in a statement jointly signed by the NGE President, Mr. Eze Anaba and its General Secretary, Dr. Iyobosa Uwugiaren, titled ‘Media Sustainability/Professionalism: NGE To Launch Trust Fund’.

The move, according to the NGE, was in line with the resolution of the All Nigeria Editors Conference (ANEC) recently held in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

The statement noted that at the ANEC, “publishers, media executives and editors harped on the urgent need for the Guild to initiate strategic moves that will focus on the professional/welfare needs of media houses and editors in Nigeria as part of several efforts to help them to continue to discharge their constitutional and social responsibility to the society without necessarily compromising their ethical standards.”

It noted that that the initiative is a response to the increasing professional/welfare challenges faced by the highest echelon of Nigerian journalists in performing their duties.

The trust fund, which the Guild said is expected to be launched in the first quarters of 2024, will also address the daunting economic challenges that media executives and editors are faced with during and after office.

It said the fund will benefit the Guild’s members in the print, electronic and online media as the trust fund will be a collaborative effort among all stakeholders in the media sector, including the public sector.