OGP Holds Data Journalism Workshop


The Open Government Partnership (OGP) will hold a workshop on Data Journalism as a side event to the OGP 2016 Global Summit in Paris on Tuesday, December 6, 2016. The workshop is aimed at exposing journalist to effective and efficient use of government data.

The program is meant for journalists, researchers and campaigners interested in learning how to understand government data sets. It is free of charge and accessible for English, French and Spanish speakers.

The day-long workshop will introduce newcomers to the world of open data and data journalism, data analysis, visualization and reporting.

The workshop will provide opportunities for experienced data journalists to share tips, ideas, and successes. Presentations include case studies of how data journalism has led to successful investigative reporting; the role of OGP in the Access to Information movement; and methods for clear and compelling data visualisation. Workshops will provide participants with guidance on how to find, extract and analyze public data for a variety of needs.

 Please contact OGPcomms@opengovpartnership.org with any questions.