OGP Nigeria Adopts Organogram for its Secretariat Structure


The Open Government Partnership (OGP) Nigeria has adopted an organogram detailing the personnel structures for running its Secretariat. According to its draft structure and Terms of Reference, the secretariat will be led by an Executive Director assisted by a minimum of four Senior Advisers, namely the Civil Society Adviser, the Public Sector Adviser, the Communication Adviser and the Subnational Engagement Adviser.

As outlined in the National Action Plan Implementation and Coordination Framework, the Federal Ministry of Justice will host the Secretariat although the Steering Committee may still decide on the location and hosting of the Secretariat in future.

The Governance and Leadership Sub-Committee will recruit the Executive Director and support advisers through an open and competitive recruitment process.

The Executive Director/Coordinator will report directly to the Co-Chairs and National Steering Committee. The Director will be responsible for overseeing the administration and implementation of all strategic programmes that fall under the purview of the OGP Nigeria Secretariat guided by OGP International principles.

The Civil Society Adviser in collaboration with the Executive Director will engage with the civil society in their duties regarding monitoring and implementing the National Action Plan. The Civil Society Adviser will also be working closely with the Public Sector Adviser in connecting the CSOs with government.

The Public Sector Adviser will facilitate the active participation of various MDAs in relevant working group activities, concurrently maintaining an up-to-date record of MDAs’ implementation of the commitments made in Nigeria’s National Action Plan.

The Communication adviser will afford the public and wider civil society an accurate perspective of all aspects of the national OGP process and be responsible for internal and external communications as well as proactive dissemination of information.

The Sub-national Engagement Adviser will primarily develop the relationship between the OGP and various states with a proven interest in formulating and/or executing an open government agenda.

Although the OGP Nigeria Secretariat is to be made up of the Executive Director and a minimum of four support staff working  on finance, administration, monitoring and evaluation/independent review, technology and innovation, the Executive Director can hire more support staff and the number can increase if the need arises and depending on funds.

Lastly, there will be working groups made up of representatives of MDAs, CSOs and Private Sector based on expertise and established along the OGP working groups-four thematic areas and three crosscutting issues identified in the National Action Plan.