OGP Nigeria Calls for Public Input in Development of Nigeria’s Third National Action Plan


The Open Government Partnership (OGP) in Nigeria has issued a call for public participation in and input into the development of Nigeria’s third National Action Plan (NAP III), which will replace the second NAP due to lapse in August 2022.

Sequel to NAP II which will end in August 2022, Nigeria is now in the process of developing another two-year National Action Plan.  As part of the co-creation process, Nigeria’s OGP NAP Committee and the OGP Nigeria Secretariat are seeking public input into the process specifically in determining the thematic areas that will form the focus of NAP III as well as the specific issues that should form Nigeria’s commitments in NAP III.

NAP 1 Thematic Areas were four namely, Fiscal Transparency, Anti-Corruption, Access to Information, and Citizen Engagement and Empowerment. NAP II Thematic Areas increased from four to seven and they are: Fiscal Transparency, Extractive Transparency, Anti-Corruption, Access to Information, Citizens Engagement, Inclusiveness, and Service Delivery.

NAP 1 (with 14 commitments) ran from January 2017 to June 2019 while NAP II (with 16 commitments), began in January 2020 and is now in its final months, will run out in August 2022.

All suggestions made by the public will be collated and a final selection of those to be included in NAP III will be made based on the Thematic Areas and Commitment Issues that have the highest number of suggestions.

To make your input please fill this Google Form.

Nigeria joined the Open Government Partnership in 2016 to deepen governance reforms and promote the fight against corruption. Since joining, Nigeria has developed two National Action Plans across critical thematic areas and sectors. NAP 1 and NAP II have a total combined 30 commitments, which state and non-state actors co-created to achieve the Federal Government’s vision of signing into the OGP.