OGP Seeks Public Input into Draft Five-year Strategic Plan for 2023 to 2028

Sanjay Pradhan
Chief Executive Officer

The Open Government Partnership (OGP), a multilateral initiative that promotes open, transparent, accountable and responsive governance, is seeking input from the global OGP community into its draft five-year strategy for 2023 to 2028 through which it plans, among other things, to build “a much broader, more interconnected movement of open government reformers” around the world.

According to the OGP Support Unit, the secretariat of the international alliance of open government reformers, inputs received on the current draft of the strategy document during the public comment period, which ends on February 15, 2023, will be used to finalize the strategy for approval by OGP’s Steering Committee at the end of March 2023.”

The proposed strategy foresees four key shifts: Expanding the open government community to become a much broader, more interconnected movement of open government reformers; Moving from individual actions and OGP commitments to making open government the norm across all levels and branches of government; Welcoming diverse policy priorities but also setting Partnership-wide, collective policy goals for all national and local members and; Becoming the home for inspiration, innovation, evidence and stories on open government.

To contribute in this final phase of strategy development, the OGP Support Unit is asking stakeholders to:

  • Comment on the draft strategy now through February 15, 2023. The draft strategy is available on Discuto or as a PDF on the OGP website. Stakeholders are encouraged to share their feedback on Discuto, in an email to strategy@opengovpartnership.org, or reach out to their OGP Support Unit regular point of contact if stakeholders prefer to discuss their feedback over a phone/video call.
  • Convene their multi-stakeholder forum or networks to discuss the draft strategy and provide their inputs via their primary OGP Steering Committee or Support Unit Point of Contact.
  • Engage high-level OGP leadership in their country, local, or issue area to ensure they are aware of and provide political support for the new strategy.
  • Share feedback, suggestions, comments, and questions at any time by emailing strategy@opengovpartnership.org.  

After February 15, 2023, the OGP Support Unit will use the inputs received in this public comment period to finalize the strategy for approval by OGP’s Steering Committee by the end of March.

The first year of the strategy will be a transition year where the OGP Support Unit and IRM, with the input and approval of the OGP Steering Committee and Board, will put together a transition plan for moving from current programmes and ways of working to new ones. This will include defining implementation plans for specific sub strategies and revisiting how OGP measures its results and learns, both as an organization and as the full Partnership. This first year of transition will also focus on socializing the details of the strategy with partners and members and defining their roles and contributions towards implementation.

The 2023 OGP Global Summit in Estonia will serve as a key moment for the wider OGP community and partners to identify specific ways in which they can advance implementation. Finally, this transition year will conclude with a Governance Review by the OGP Steering Committee to ensure that the governance of the Partnership is aligned towards enabling OGP to meet its strategic goals.

The development and implementation of OGP action plans in 2023 will follow rules and processes that are currently in place. Changes resulting from the Strategy 2023-2028 will be rolled out from 2024 onwards.

More information about the processes and insights that have shaped the draft strategy to date can be accessed in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 reports.

Anyone who has questions are encouraged to feel free to contact the OGP at strategy@opengovpartnership.org.