One World Media Fellowship Application Open to Journalists and Filmmakers

Gemma Bradshaw, Executive Director, One Word
Gemma Bradshaw, Executive Director, One Word

Aspiring journalists and filmmakers from around the world, who seek to make a career out of reporting the global south, raising awareness about the developing world and breaking down prejudices are encouraged to apply for the One World Media Fellowship.

One World Media guides filmmakers and journalists on a single project, and provides a supportive network of mentors and peers hrough the production and completion of their project.

It is open to aspiring filmmakers and journalists ready to take the next leap in their career reporting from developing countries and looking for their first director role or solo investigation. Twelve Fellows are selected each year, with at least three spots reserved for international Fellows from and based in developing countries, and they experiment and learn in a supportive environment.

Projects that qualify for the Fellowship include: projects in pre-production to tell engaging stories from the developing world; non-fiction media across all platforms: film, print, audio, photojournalism, and multimedia; proposals where majority of the budget is in place or achievable in a short time-frame; projects that can be delivered within a year – for films this is under 30 minutes; proposals that seek to tell original stories in a way that will engage the intended audience; and proposals that Highlight the voices of people living in the developing world, particularly voices that are not often heard, among others.

Selected Fellows will receive £1,000 production grant, Executive Producer for their project, career mentorship, workshops and webinars by industry experts, Fair Reporting and Security Guidance, introductions to commissioners, and network of like-minded Fellows and Alumni.

Entry which closes on April 10, 2019 is targeted at those working in film, print, audio or multimedia and who whose projects will bring together integrity and creativity to present underreported stories that break down stereotypes and build cross-cultural connections.

To apply for the One World Media Fellowship which is free, applicants should register for a new user account on the One World Media Submission portal. Those who have registered only need to log in.

Thereafter, an applicant is expected to apply for the Fellowship by clicking ‘Create Submission’ at the top of the page, fill the online form, upload necessary documents and provide a reference letter. Applicants should submit their form when complete.

Applicants may submit more than one proposal, but a separate online application is required for each.

Details on Submission Information document are available at

The organizers can be reached by email at or on +44 (0)207 922 7941 with any queries.

Interested applicants are advised to attend a One World Media workshop on international reporting before applying for the OWM Fellowship.