Paradigm Leadership Support Initiative Hosts Nigeria Accountability Summit in Abuja

Mr. Olusegun Elemo

The Paradigm Leadership Support Initiative (PLSI), a civic organisation that fosters public accountability in Nigeria is set to host the Nigeria Accountability Summit on November 30, 2023, at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre in Abuja.

With the theme: “Institutionalizing Accountability for Effective Public Administration in Nigeria”, the Summit will bring together field experts and policymakers to connect these accountability domains with sectoral challenges impeding sustainable development and identify policy solutions that address these challenges.

The Summit is to set a public accountability agenda for accelerated development at national and subnational levels, identify policy problems along four of the six accountability domains in connection with different sectors of the Nigerian economy, deliberate and articulate actionable policy solutions to address highlighted problems, and identify policymakers and stakeholders responsible for implementing initiatives to strengthen accountability frameworks for effective public administration at the national and subnational levels in Nigeria.

The Summit will focus on  six domains: social, financial, political, administrative, ethical, and legal accountability systems in Nigeria.

Financial Accountability

The Summit will review the establishment of the pattern of control over the receipts and expenditures that permits a determination that public monies have been used for public purposes. It will delve into understanding how public finance management systems operational at national and subnational levels have helped to deliver public goods, what challenges still exist and ideas to fortify existing systems.

Ethical Accountability

The Summit will examine the practice of improving overall personal and organizational performance by developing and promoting responsible tools and professional expertise and by advocating an effective enabling environment for people and organizations to embrace a culture of sustainable development. This phase of the Summit is expected to identify what ethical considerations exist and are needed to improve public administration in Nigeria.

Political Accountability

The 2023 Nigeria Accountability Summit will consider Nigeria’s democratic journey in the 4th Republic and explore to what degree political accountability has been achieved, what gaps currently exist, and what reforms are required to strengthen political accountability at national and subnational levels.

Administrative Accountability

The Summit will explore what institutions of government are responsible for ensuring administrative accountability, to what extent this has been achieved and what necessary changes/reforms are required to improve administrative accountability within government agencies at national and subnational levels.

Legal Accountability

The Summit will examine the significance of Nigeria’s judicial or quasi-judicial systems in achieving legal accountability, how much of legal accountability has been achieved so far and what reforms are required to enhance existing systems and institutions for improved legal accountability.