PEN America Offers Online Course on Global Free Expression Advocacy Institute

Suzanne Nossel
CEO of PEN America

PEN America is offering a 10-week online education and training programme for its Global Free Expression Advocacy Institute for high school and college students to learn the theories, laws, histories, and case studies pertaining to free expression as a human right and methodologies behind free expression advocacy

The Institute’s course includes interactive presentations led by expert international practitioners from PEN America, as well as TA-facilitated discussions that allow for breakout conversations among peers. Student participants will cap their experience by working in small groups to plan, build out, and activate elements of an actual advocacy campaign to bring attention to the cases of writers, artists, journalists, and activists at risk abroad.

It is ideal for students interested in pursuing academic and professional careers in the humanities, human rights, journalism, international affairs, law, political science, and the social sciences.

Students who complete the program will be granted a certificate of advanced proficiency in global free expression advocacy from PEN America.

Topics to be covered in the programme are:

  • Global Free Expression Principles
  • Free Expression and International Human Rights Law
  • Expression, Identity, and Movements for Social Change
  • Free Expression and the Global NGO Ecosystem
  • United Nations Free Expression Advocacy Mechanisms
  • An American Foreign Policy Toolkit for Free Expression
  • Artistic Freedom Contexts and Challenges by Region
  • Ethics for Expression-Related Humanitarian Assistance

The course fee is $1000 although financial aid is available.

Admissions and financial aid applications are due on or before September 17, 2021.

For more information and to apply, please visit: